Monday, April 12, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amish's lifestyle

Amish's lifestyle has its advantages and disadvantages. They are very content with life, even without modern convenience. They had even rejected the use of modern technologies. It is difficult for us to imagine how to do things without utilising technology. However, the question still remains: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amish's lifestyle.

Amish's lifestyle has its advantage as they do not have to pay taxes for Social Security Benefits due to their religious objection to insurance. Also, Amish people doesn't have a strict period of time for retirement. Instead, they could retire at any age, with the consideration of their family's benefits, self benefits and if they have enough money for their life.

However, Amish's lifestyle also has its disadvantages. Firstly, Amish people only have education to the eighth grade, so little people would take high school, much less college, due to their believe that studies until the eighth grade would be enough for them to live. This may result in them losing out to others as other countries are constantly upgrading their citizens with education. Furthermore, they would not have enough phones to use, due to the bishops believe of not communicating with others. However, there would definetely be some Amish who wants to communicate with some people urgently, regardless of the community. Restricting people from calling by implementing public phone booths far away from residential areas and banning phones at homes, it would be hard forpeople to contact one another, even if there are urgent matters. Next, with their common language being Pennsylvania Dutch, they are unable to understand the other person and vice versa, due to their language being different, causing a communication breakdown. Lastly, the Amish also suffer from genetic disorders like Dwarfism. With so many people getting the genetic diseases and the Amish not allowing people to marry those outside the Amish community if they are Baptist, which most of them are, they might ahve a larger population of people with disorders and may be unfit for work. It may then result in the community failing.

Overall, I think that Amish's lifestyle had its disadvantages outweighing its advantages and thus, Amish's life, in my opinion, is not as good as the ones we are currently having.

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